The Jubilo project

“Conflict prevention and transformation, ethnic integration and peace building
through intercultural and interfaith dialogue”

*            *

11986317_1486542324978532_8310449782039881983_nA comparative approach to intercultural and interfaith dialogue to foster initiatives in the fields of conflict prevention, ethnic integration, tolerance, and peace building.
The project, supervised by an international Advisory Board, embodies a threefold structure:
§  The Abraham’s Legacy  television series;
§ The Tea for Peace  open transformative roundtables — of which The Middle Council is a recent advancement; and
§  The Spirit Inspires my Way multimedia series.

By prompting the comparative vision, Jubilo underlines the contribution of different cultures to our common heritage and lifestyle; it raises awareness on the importance of exploring together the means to develop active participation in society while respecting cultural diversity — the cornerstone for a sustainable peace process within any community; supports and promotes the advancement of a fair and just social and humane condition through shared common values; it tests, influences and informs public policy.

The project is a powerful educational agent able to reach and enrich all segments of the international society, educating, particularly young people, beyond schools and curricula to the vital values of belonging to the human community as a global citizen.

You can visit the Jubilo Project page on our website, like and follow the ongoing activities on our Facebook page and stay informed about all further advancements and news.


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