Objectives & Expected Results

A) To raise awareness on and to deal with some of the most compelling issues, to facilitate dialogue and nurture mutual listening, advance tolerance and respect, and learn by pooling and sharing knowledge through a comparative approach to the specific problematic of European continental and border members countries, Spanda is convening a bilateral Netherlands-Italy result-oriented cycle of multi-stakeholders Expert Meetings on «Migration, Human Rights, Security, and Financial Inclusion». The expected result is a conjointly-drafted Middle Council Policy Recommendation to the Dutch and Italian governments, and to the proper EU bodies, focusing on specific sustainable policies, best practices and actions with the potential to be scalable and replicable, on how, in compliance with the international human rights law and taking into due account security issues, to advance both domestic and European legislation on migration so to enhance the life of migrants to a higher humanitarian standard, and in line with the 2020 UN SDGs.

B)  To explore the potential financial inclusion of migrants in the social entrepreneurship sector, respecting their dignity and ensuring work befitting their education and skills; with the expected result to facilitate the insertion into this specific job market of a number of them selected from the Dutch (Ter Apel) and Italian (Lampedusa) asylum seekers reception centers.